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Could we make devouring orb an instant cast instead of 0.2sec cast time?

I don’t see the point of devouring orb having a 0.2sec cast time. All it does is make it feel clunky to use by making you stutter step if you try to use it while moving, or it knocks you out of warpath if you were using that and wanted to add devouring orbs.

Us Paladins are like “hold my sigi…I mean beer.” :wink:

Pity there isn’t a node to make Sigils of Hope instant.

EDIT: I’m Wrong. Totally forgot about that one on the far far far far left. I was thinking of the auto cast on death. Yeah, that should be added to D Orbs as well.

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Pretty much all the instant skills are bad gameplay wise since theres no reason not to ever spam them on cooldown and currently controller players are completely excluded from auto cast due to simply not being able to do it on a controller

Then I see one of the new skills is a cooldown based spam skill with no reason to not auto key it, pretty disappointing in general

Even if War cry isnt even 100% uptime why not just allow it to be toggled then if players will just autokey it, makes zero sense to me