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Could the startup time of Forgemaster Stance be reduced or the node be changed somehow?

Doesn’t really matter how it’s done I don’t think, but I feel like something needs to change for this node. Especially if you build your Forge Guard in such a way as to be a pet build rather than just using the swords for support, you basically have 5 seconds of doing nearly zero damage while you wait for your Warpath to start producing pets. This compared to the other pet classes who already have powerful pets ready to go and have virtually zero downtime.

I know Forge Guard has Manifest Armor but a single pet doesn’t really keep the train rolling when you have to stop using Warpath if you want to pick up loot or use any other skill besides Warpath. Considering how often crafting materials drop or you need to use a support skill you’re basically forced to restart your 5 second windup more or less constantly. It just feels bad. Maybe this changes later on somehow? I can certainly say leveling with the skill is frustrating. Going to keep using it anyway though since I love my flying swords…

Forgemaster Stance → Moving Forge

Unless I’m counting very poorly, Moving Forge does not remove the 5 second windup. It makes the summoning faster after you hit the first 5 seconds, but still leaves you with the 5 second dead zone every time you stop spinning.

I just tried it. 1st summon @ 3 seconds.

Also briefly tested again to be absolutely sure.
→ Are even only about 2 seconds.

By the way, you could have tested the few points quite quickly, right?

I did test it, but I also figured out what went wrong. I apparently removed a piece of gear at some point that had +'s to warpath, which removed the 2 points I put into Moving Forge. So apparently I’m just an idiot and this topic can be locked =/