Could not pick-up potions while fighting The Altar of Flesh

While fighting The Altar of Flesh on HC on my Paladin I was burning through my potions a lot as I wasn’t able to cap my necrotic resistances before entering the arena, I was dropping them for attacking the boss while attacking the corners but I couldn’t pick them up. Ended up dead right on the edge of the arena, one step from the area where I wasn’t taking damage.

Could I have cap my resistance to not take substantial more damage? Yes! Could I pick up the potions to heal? No.

Generally, you should include:
What went wrong?
Log File
Screenshots (via a site like imgur) or video, if applicable


Went back to the fight and redid it, this time I had the camera with me

Same here: couldn’t pick up the potions next to the soul vessels. But I could pick up the potions that dropped later in the middle of the arena.