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Could not leave armory

I created a new character, and during leveling, killed the Voidforge boss in the Armory, proceeded through the level, and got to the entrance of the next zone. Could not leave the level. The click wouldn’t register. Additionally, certain buttons were unresponsive, specifically, the c button wouldn’t work, so I couldn’t open my character stats screen using the keyboard shortcut. Additionally, the escape key wouldn’t register so couldn’t escape the game.
Everything else appeared to be working. When I teleported to town and back in, it would restart me at the beginning of the level each time (including restarting the VoidForge boss encounter.

I am unable to attach my log file since it is 87mb in size. The previous player file is 300mb in size

I restarted the game and it fixed the issue

That is supposed to happen (assuming you mean that your portal returns you to the place you left), the zone being respawned has been the case since LE began & will be changed when they implement multiplayer in 0.9.

You can zip the files to compress them.

Just a note… I would recommend that if you are using Steam that you Verify the Game files - what you experienced could obviously just be some transient never to be repeated problem but it could also be a sign of a possibly messed up install…

It sounds like your player.log is excessively large - obviously if you run a mammoth all-nighter it will be bigger, but 300MB could indicate that its logging some repeated error or debug message that could point to something not entirely happy on your setup - which could explain your odd experience.