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In BDO the ONLY way to have anything besides dull armor is to spend cash. Will the looks of your armor/weps change with each new piece? With rare/epic/legendary drops will the look be appropriate for that level of quality or is cash required say, to get a glow on weps/armor?

Hey Darkkenzi, that’s a great question that I’m surprised we haven’t gotten more frequently.

We definitely want players to look good without having to spend money for cosmetics and players will be able to find gear that looks appropriately epic for the challenges they face when venturing through Eterra. For example, one of our internal patch notes last night was "[10:37 PM] Michael: Many weapon affixes now cause the weapon to have a visual effect (e.g. a weapon might be on fire if it has increased fire damage)” which is something that doesn’t come automatically without spending money in some cosmetically funded games.

We’ll also be giving characters unique looking armor per-class which innately would make it more difficult to make our armor bland looking. So, if a paladin needs golden armor to look like a paladin for example, we aren’t going to restrict that to be paid only.

That being said, we’ll offer altnerate epic looking pieces of armor, skill skins, UI skins, weapon effects, pets, and anything else that can show off your support of Last Epoch without providing you power over other characters.

Thanks for the question. We’ll add this to our FAQ

Thank you for the reply!! Yes, spending cash is good if you need the extra something. I just didn’t want to be wearing a potato sack at level 40 wearing rare armor…I play Grim dawn mostly now but am always looking for an alternative D2 successor. This looks promising & I will be one of your backers as I was for GD since the beginning. Take me money REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!

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