Cosmetics WINGS

Anyone know if the devs are looking in to maybe adding wings to the cosmetic table?

I only assume that minitransactions for cosmetics will be implemented, and i want to know what you guys think of adding the wings?

Please devs keep this game dark and gothic, malicious and profane. No [Removed -Sarno] skins allowed here.

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What do I think about wings? Well it’s the most dumb thing ever thrown into the genre. Sure there are games that are centered about celestial beeings… so be it. In LE it would make 0 sense to me. On top of it just as a personal oppinion: I hate that wing stuff because it always looks bad and most of the time you’ve clipping issues and everything looks like you tryed it realy hard but you were’nt capable of making it.


I thought this topic had came up before.

200% voting for WINGS.

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201% against :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Don’t like those. I think there a cooler cosmetics than this.


im fine both ways with or without wings. as i like some styles and not others. wings only work if i can still see my other cosmetics in the game! some wings are just too big to enjoy!

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Totally with you on that ! :smiley:

sigh I kinda expected this Topic to pop up at some point, and honestly, i can’t even blame them because i’m also one of these folks which put on Wings in Diablo 3.
Still though, if EHG ever consider them, i really hope they won’t overdo it like Diablo 3 did, and only offer one or a few, and hopefully something which fits the Game / Atmosphere.
However personally i also rather not have wings in the game…

I am also against wings.

I am a big fan of a variety of cosmetics to give your chars a personal note and support the devs(i do spend alot of money in most F2P games that i play more than a dozen of hours)
Even though this is not a F2P game i already know that i will spend money if there are cosmetics that i personally like.

But if devs plan to introduce wings i hope they will make them kinda special and don’t add too many.

I enjoy having them and generally have them equipped in D3/PoE, but they’re not a “make or break” aspect for me.

That said, if wings are eventually added as cosmetics, please please PLEASE stick with the dark/gothic theme. No clowny stuff!


I mean they have an excellent game to already look at for it’s moneitzation (path of exile). I do hope though they don’t go AS CRAZY with their pricing, but if they must i’ll still support them. I just think they would do much better if they price them a bit lower.

I can’t remember where i’ve seen it, but something i read mentioned skill effect cosmietcs etc, so it seems they are basically doing similar stuff to POE which is great the amount of customization POE offers cosmetically is amazing. Not to mention i’d love to support the devs team when they are able to get around to adding the cosmetics in after they feel comfortable with the game.

It will be much cheaper at release though, definitely not enough to cover the costs of development I’d imagine. I think (could be wrong 100%) they are doing any price at all during release to more than likely limit spammers and sellers without having to hire additional staff or whatever.

They already seem to be thinking of a variety of cosmetics , wings are common in these games now so it’s unlikely they haven’t either done them already or thought about it. They would have to add as many as there is demand for, especially if they are selling them. It would be a dumb business decision not to in my opinion. If they have them as unlocks from gameplay sure, they could do a few and make then rare, but otherwise it would only hurt them.

This depends on the hype at release. Wolcen studios was obviously overwhelmed by the number of players that bought their game right from the start.

Right now everybody is saying they won’t ever buy a game at release and wait for the reviews. But when it’s the time that LE is release many of these people will have forgotten about their resolution, specially with the cheap price.

The ARPG community is starved. See how many disappointed people came to LE when the Wolcen release failed.

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Well, I hate wings so much, but I understand some people are sucker for these and this game will need money somehow, so let people use wings if they want but let us disable ALL wings, including these on other players so we don’t need to deal with it in multiplayer scenario.

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I agree. Pricing in PoE seems to be targeted toward “you bought a supporter pack and need to spend the points on something” versus “you can get a badass set of wings for $32, or the deluxe model for $64”.

That might have sounded a little confusing, so here’s another attempt at explaining it. If I buy a $60 supporter pack, I get $55 worth of points plus a sweet looking set of armor and some other goodies. When I spend those points in the shop I’m honestly not paying much attention to the price tag on stuff. If I really like it and it’s on sale, I’ll buy it, because “I’ve got to spend my points on something, right?”. I wonder how common my mindset is.

Even thinking about it now, the idea of paying $32 for a pair of wings seems kinda dumb, but I’m not JUST paying $32 for the pair of wings. I’m paying $60 for a full suit of armor, a weapon effect, a portal/pet/other fluff PLUS whatever I spend my shop points on. Essentially, by buying points in bulk (via supporter pack) I’m lowering the relative price of everything else, because if you add up the shop value of everything you get with the pack + everything you buy with the points, it’s far, far more than the original $60 I paid.

If I were just buying points packs instead of supporter packs, I’d spend a lot less because the pricing of a lot of stuff would successfully put me off. Because of that, I do understand where people are coming from when they riot about “$32 wings”.

I actually wouldn’t be surprised at all if one reason shop prices are as high as they are is to highlight the value of buying a pack, specifically because it lowers the relative cost of everything you buy with those points.

You are exactly right. And which is why I believe even if the devs come up with cheap and affordable mtx, they will still need to make expensive mtx that caters to the whales who have bought their $1000 packs.

Agreed, and I’m completely on board with that. I’d just like to see some emphasis on lower-cost stuff, too. For example, not EVERY pair of wings (to keep re-using that example) has to cost $32.

There absolutely have to be enough options for the bigger spenders, but there need to be options that offer value at lower price points too, especially since the game is going to have an up-front cost.

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I would personally like to see something like footstep effects and auras more than wings.

Perhaps they should consider paying us money for wearing stupid wings, instead! :money_mouth_face:

All I can promise is that we will not be implementing flying so no worries there.