Cosmetics on Character Select?

Any plans with our characters display the PAID cosmetics on the character select/login screen?

Not a lot has been set about character cosmetics other than what’s really here: [Unofficial] Roadmap to 1.0 and Beyond

and also the stuff about gender locking. I can’t recall anything official about the character select screen but I’d like to see this eventually happen as well, but it’s probably not real high priority until the actual get more cosmetics in the game. :man_shrugging:t3:

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Judd Cobler, EHG CEO and LE Game Director, answered a similar Reddit post with the following:


Thanks for posting Andrew.

To EHG, It’s a bit important to me. When I equip a flashy set, that I paid for, I want to be able to admire my gear.

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A stable working game for release is always going to be highest priority. You are definitely going to be in the minority thinking cosmetics are a priority before the game is released and complete.


I should have explained better. I want to support the game, so I purchased cosmetics. However, until EHG lets me admire my ferocious bling up close…I won’t be purchasing more cosmetics.

That’s all.