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Cosmetic Pets

Can I just confirm that if I bought 2 set of supporter packs. I would get 2 sets of supporter pets? This isn’t the case currently on my account (2x ardent creator pack) but no worries if it’s because the cosmetic store is work in progress.


Hi there,

Unfortunately, no. While you do own 2 sets of pets, the game doesn’t understand the duplication of them and can’t add a second one. You do still have 2 of everything else in game however. Cosmetic points included and that will be available once the shop is launched.

Kind regards,

Hmm. While I understand the current technical limitation, is this something that EHG intend to solve?

While this doesn’t bother me (because I will be using my special pets :slight_smile: ), I thought EHG should know there are people who may buy 2 sets of pack just so they can have 2 of the same pets out at the same time (I did this in POE).

If EHG intends to maintain this policy though, I think might be useful to clarify on the store? So that others who are thinking of doing the same, don’t end up trying to buy 2 packs and realise it doesn’t work as they imagined.

We’ll keep this in mind as we develop the cosmetics system further! It certainly seems reasonable to me to allow 2 of the same pet, though I wouldn’t want to commit to it without discussing it with the team first.


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