Cosmetic backs/capes disappearing when loading into a new zone

Seems to be a consistent, repeatable bug where while wearing a cosmetic back-piece, it goes invisible/unequips visually when entering any new zone.

Nothing else seems to have this issue, as my portals, pets, and cosmetic armors all stay equipped, it’s only the backs.

I was going to just wait it out and assume it’s a known bug, but I didn’t see any bug reports regarding this.

So just in case this wasn’t on EHG’s radar, here I am.

Also as an aside – in the cosmetic equip tab it shows it’s still equipped, it’s only visually missing on the 3D toon. Just in case that information is useful.

I’ve tried it with a few different back-pieces and they all do it, and it seems to be EVERY new zone triggers this. Maybe some weird like desync issue? This used to happen in 0.9 but to a far less often degree.

I don’t expect this to be super high on EHG’s priority, but just wanted to make this issue known all the same.