Corruption mode

Hello everyone; I would like to comment on corruption, I don’t know if any programmer will read me… the question is: when we reach lvl100 they add 100 corruption, the problem is when you want to raise the level of corruption, which I know you can only climb by making maps… and the progression is really slow and rough, I think that would change if at least the boss of the island where we are farming gave a corruption incentive (20p/40p of corruption, with option to activate the points in case there are people who do not want to upload more corruption), in this way the progress would be better. I do not know what you think, I would like to know and if there are more ways to upload corruption I would like to know them. Thank you

Currently there is only one way to add corruption to a timeline: Killing Shade Of Orobyss

However there are some systems that help you with gaining corruption faster.

  1. Killing the Quest Boss of a timeline (3rd Quest Echo) gives a Gaze Of Orobyss, which increases the amount of corruption you gain, when defeatign the Shade of Orobyss by a flat amount (8 per Gaze with a little bit of diminishing return after 3 or 4 stacks).

  2. You gain bonus corruption on killing Shade of Orobyss, based on difference of the corruption of the current timeline compared to your highest corruption timeline.

Pushing corruptio nis indeed pretty grindy, but especially the bonus corruption makes pushing a 2nd or 3rd timelien very fast.
If you put in the work of pushign one timelien to 250-300 corruption you can get from 100 to 200 corruption within 1 or 2 Shade or Orobyss kills.

So it is really benefical to push one timeline very high and then start pushing your 2nd, 3rd or 4th timeline


Hello, thanks for answering, then there is only the way to push corruption through the orybos maps, in which it may be a bit gloomy and complex to understand, what I see is to move away and make an orybos guardian the one that scores the most …Even so, what I was referring to is that it would be good to incentivize the final boss of the island with corruption, this way you see a corruption compensation for killing the boss. Thank you

But you kinda have that.

With the Gaze of Orobyss mechanic the final quest Boss does contribute to gaining corruption indirectly.

Not only that, but…unless you are looking for specific Unique/Set drops…it’s best to grind a mono with good boss drop(s), since you’ll push completion points simply by finding the Orobyss nodes. And, in empowered, it’s just a single additional run to drop the boss for the Gaze bonus, and a chance as rare lewtz!

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