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Corrupted Lake "Defeat the Prophet of Ruin!" waypoint locked

Not sure if my game is bugged or if I’m missing something but there is no way to the Corrupted Lake. The Ruins is a big circle that only leads to the Cultist Camp and the College and the Corrupted Lake waypoint is locked. Do I need to delete this character or what…I’m missing idol slots because of this

Hi and welcome,
is this a new character that you started with? Because the only way to get access to Corrupted Lake is from Imperial Era ‘‘The Risen Lake’’ Chapter 4. Normally if you just follow the storyline through this chapter you should not miss the portal.

Hi, thank you. Not my first character. Thank you for telling me where to go. Devs should do way better a job telling the player. In this case, there’s no way to know to go to Risen Lake. The quest question mark shows Corrupted Lake, and there’s no way to reach it.

You only get the quest when you see the portal for the first time, and I believe the quest description mentions the time portal?

If it mentioned a time portal somewhere else, I wouldn’t be here posting no offence. Problem triggered I guess at some point back when I was doing the quest and I must have portald out, leaving the quest mid progress with a complete lack of description.