Copying Save Files between different systems

I have multiple different computers and I have been trying to search for the information on how to copy/backup characters across different operating systems. I have found where the system saves the files for the standalone launcher in Windows.

I have seen a few links to older knowledge articles, but they all seem broken, and I can’t seem to find this information anywhere.

I was wondering if anyone could help create a guide/point to documentation on where these saves are for: Windows Standalone, Windows Steam, Linux Steam, Linux Standalone.

Here is an article covering where the games log files get saved for Linux and Windows. Inside the mentioned directories you’ll find the ‘Saves’ directory. AFAIK there’s no difference if the game is installed through the standalone client or steam.

Using steam on all these machines and using steam cloud sync feature would be the less PITA solution. But lootfilters unfortunately won’t get cloud synced. I think using something like pastebin would work well for filters.

It’s in the Save folder in the same location as the log file.

I have steam cloud saves enabled, and they work well with Windows, but do not currently work on linux at all

Steam cloud saves are OS dependent. I.e. if you use windows, then any windows client will sync but not linux and vice versa

The devs are aware of this issue right now but haven’t said how they plan to address it for offline play. Obviously online savegames in 0.9 would no longer need steam cloud as they are stored by EHG and linked to the EHG account.