Controls responsiveness

I would like to talk about the responsiveness and ease of use of the current controls.

First of all, liked the idea of immediately giving a choice on how to use the left mouse button. Quite innovative, even though it takes a few seconds to understand that a skill cannot be assigned and we have a total of 5 skills and not 6.

Standing still

My biggest issue, up to now, is the “stand still” functionality (Shift key).
At the moment to use it we have to:

  • release the mouse button
  • release any skill buttons
  • press shift
  • press the skill we want to use

I think it should instead take precedence over everything:
no matter what I click or press, if I’m holding Shift my character should not move an inch.

This means that if I’m holding the LMB and press Shift my character should immediately stop where it stands, and if an attack is mapped to the LMB it should be immediately cast.

I tried not using the mouse to attack, but there are still a couple of problems:

  • I still have to release the LMB
  • if my mouse accidentally hovers an enemy, my character runs to melee hit it, even though the symbols on the LMB slot would imply that that’s the only button to make my character move

Standing still bugs

At the moment using this functionality can have some issues:
if I stand still and attack using my LMB, the moment I release the Shift key (while still holding the LMB), my character goes to attack the last enemy it has applied an ailment to.

It is easily reproduced on the dummy in the base, but it also happens on the battlefield and it sometimes causes my character to go in the complete opposite direction from where I’m pointing.

Hover and attack

I don’t know how difficult it would be to implement this, but when I’m holding my LMB down and I hover over an enemy, I should not have to release and reclick the button, I should simply start attacking that enemy.

There are always swarms of enemies in this kind of games, as a melee having to singularly click on them is an absolute dread.

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