Controller & traversal skill targeting

I’m a bit conflicted on wether to put this as a bug or feedback/suggestion.
When using a controller, Shift will aggressively target anything in the vicinity including barrels an other objects.
I suspect this applies to other traversal skills as well, but I am yet to confirm this.

The effect can take me as much as 90 degrees off course, which is really not what you want when you are trying to dodge huge telegraphed attacks or just trying to progress in the zone.
Non damaging traversal skills should not at anytime go anywhere other than where I’m pointing the stick.
For damaging traversal and movement skills some level of ‘auto aim’ might be good, but not in such a wide cone.
And even then a toggle in the settings would be a nice touch.

THIS. It feels bad within the first few minutes. Luckily there are less boxes to auto target to in Monoliths but bosses like Herobrea for examply spawns mobs inside of her blizzard. I auto targeted that flew to the edge of her tornado thing and died :frowning:

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