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Controller, sometimes showing wrong prompts on skills

FIXED I was thinking this wasn’t happening when I was playing before, despite it now even doing it after a reboot, I went to controls, edited a button (just “changed” ability 5 from B to B, on the controller not keyboard to be clear) and quit the menu, now it’s behaving like normal again. Will leave the rest of the post up in case something can be found in the log.

When I connect my xbox 360 controller or hotswap to it, it’ll show my mouse buttons on the skills instead of the xbox ones.

Can’t seem to find a reliable way to fix it, though it can be prevented by using the controller to enter the game/load character.

The inventory will still show the prompts for using triggers to quickly move there for inventory management so it just appears to be a skill bar thing, no functionality seems to change either.

In the below image the steps were:

  • Top: Enter game using controller (correct prompts)
  • Middle: Use mouse to move a little so it hotswaps (correct prompts)
  • Bottom: Move a little with controller, it hotswaps and functions correctly but takes the prompts from the mouse column in controls (moving with the mouse does swap back to the QWER prompts)

Player.log (23.5 KB)