Controller Messing up the UI

heya i have always pluged in my Saitek X52 HOTAS joystick because i play Elite dangerous,
and when i wanna play Last Epoch the game will auto detect my Controler and mess up the UI and the whole game here is my log files thx! Player.log (63.5 KB) Player-prev.log (169.2 KB)
and here is a screen shot

Sorry about that! Looking at the log file, the game seems to be switching between your controller and keyboard rapidly. I’ll see if this is something we can fix on our side.

In the meantime, I would recommend trying to reset keybinds to default from the options menu and then repairing the game through Steam.

If neither of those help I would try making sure any inputs (i.e. throttle) on your controller are set to an off or neutral position. The game might be detecting a repeated input from the controller by mistake.

now i have removed the controler from the pc… till i play Last Epoch…but tomorrow when ill we be home i will try your suggestion…
thx for the help!
have a nice day !

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