Controller issue with warpath

For some reason with new version 0.9 MP beta playtest when using warpath with controller my character is moving even if i dont use sticks. In old version i could use it stationary. Is that intented or bug?

Im assuming your controller is calibrated (with sticks in natural centre considered 0) :slight_smile:

I suspect this drift is related to the feature bug which has made warpath toggle-able rather than requiring button press.

I experienced similar drift when moving my mouse around while warpath is toggled on.

For best chance this to be fixed, you should grab the player.log file (if you are on PC/Linux) and attach to your report :slight_smile:

This problem is still existing and found a new one about looting with controller. Sometimes for no obvious reason “click to loot” option dissappears with controller, so i cant just press button to loot highlighted item but have to move right stick to move cursor over item and then loot it