Controller is a disaster

Does any one of you (developers) even try to play with a controller?
Because the situation is a disaster!!! I love this game, played over 250hrs since launch but man oh man, controller is pure garbage.
And seeing you fixing meaningless bugs insted of giving your attention to a feature that as it is like now… well playing with it is a disaster.
90% of times, even if you are facing in one direction, your skills shot in the opposite one.
Rouge: is the easisest, use a bow a click to puncture or whatever you want and i can guarantee you that most of the time you are thinking: what the hell is she shooting at?!?!?
Warlock: fight a boss, and use bone prison, 70/80% of the time it does not spown around the boss, but somewhere else in the map, sometime if you are “lucky” even out of map!
All these stuff are supereasy to replicate. You don’t even have to try, it will happen 100%!!
Lol use traversal skill, does not metter which one, tell me where half of the time you go instead of you hope to go. With areal assult i have nevev ever ended above a pack of enemies, always after and sometimes even in a direction that makes no sense what so ever.
Dread shade: sometimes even if you are pratically inside your wrahtlord it does not apply the buff. You click the ability goes in cooldown but nobody has it!
There are so many enemies in this game that shoot at you from 4 or 5 screen away, and using a traverlas skill to end exactly where the explosion is because i don’t what the heck is going on with controller is infuriating!
If you see a build that push 1000 corruption, on controller you are lucky if you can achieve 500 with the same build. You fix the bug with shadows and falconer, well that was the only reason why the build was vailable on controller, otherwise when you use dive bomb you can be sure that it will not land where the big pack is. Almost never. Not even if the only enemy in the map is the boss!
It is time to put your effort in the real problems of the game, not op stuff that only people who cares about leaderbords (in a pve game leaderbord… why!!!) think are important. There basics things that don’t work or are awful.
Sorry for the rant. And the bad english, but it is not my primary language.
Saluti dall’Italia

Not everyone cares about controller support either. #justsaying

Also, the people working on controller support are not the people coding character skills and passives.

Thanks fot the contribution.

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