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Hello everyone and good day

By now there are somewhere probably topics of type “Where’s my portal” alluding the relatively bad/hard-to-find placement of portals in towns and similar stuff

In this topic however I’m gonna focus on Controllers and playing the game with a Controller (Disclaimer - I was never a fan of it but once I got used to recently can’t help myself but chill :D)

So first things first,

1 - NEVER reset an inventory “transaction”… In other words, gear swap is never an “unintentional error”, it’s a deliberate “pick this and put that there” type of action that should never be reversed by pressing a “cancel” button. Let us use the very easy to use “cancel” button for a complete inventory management and not being forced to use the “ugly small” buttons at the top

This is something that people would agree on the PC as well, don’t force us to use the dedicated inventory button to close it, just let “Cancel” do it’s work… If we really “changed our minds” for a gear swap we can just open the inventory again and do yet another “reverse” deliberate action

2 - The wheel menu should have toggle type commands (on-off), not just ON and then being (again) FORCED to use the “dedicated” command, instead it should be: wheel-inventory: ON, wheel-inventory-OFF, wheel-character-ON wheel-character-OFF, e.t.c., by doing the same thing the second time should close the already-opened window (instead of do nothing and being forced to close by pressing “|||” but horizontal)

3 - Vendor dialog windows should close automatically when walking a several steps away from a one (not being forced to close manually, same problem again)

4 - Dialogs such as Inventory or otherwise should either close automatically or being able to use our combat buttons still even if an inventory is up… (again, don’t force players to use “|||” buttons just so that they can hit a recently-summoned or a missed mob)

5 - Cursor should behave differently when on a Controller, mainly and probably a simple HUGE upgrade would be to “reset” the position of the cursor when out of combat for a few seconds… it’s really a hard hassle when you press “Shift” (the ability, not the key on keyboard :P) and you jump right into the worst possible direction just cause somehow previous battle required that cursor position… On PC as people have a “constant control” over the mouse that is not a problem however on a Controller the “target” should always reset to “start of combat” position (i.e. slightly in front of the direction of your character)

6 - This is a bit smaller one but still an improvement - if there is an item left “hovering” in the air when an inventory is closed then it should drop automatically (this would prevent other unwanted bugs such as I want to cast a spell but there’s an item I have to drop first) type of moments

Thank you all for the game and thank you all for the discussions…

P.S., my “live version” Umbral Frost HC Rogue just got “one-shotted” from a Void Cultist (4 purple blobs on one spot), just when the game was becoming seemingly quite easier :slight_smile: , glad that the game requires extra attention even when things seem to go “smooth” lol,

Nvm though, that’s it for now, glad that I got to share this experience (and feedback/suggestions) with you all

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