Controlled legendary crafting

Can crafting of a legendary item after completing the Temporal Sanctum be controlled? I have the following two items:

Peak of the Mountain
1 Legendary Potential
Requires Level: 12; Rank 5

Sentinel - Augury Helm of Life (exalted)
Forging Potential: 47
+3 Healing Hands and 119% increased healing effectiveness (T6)
5% increased Mana (T2)
+57 Dodge (T4)
+65 Health (T5)

Now I want to add the prefix +3 Healing Hands and 199% increased healing effectiveness on Peak of the Mountain. Can this be controlled in any way? Or do I have to pray to RNG? For the second case, I should use two runes of creation to duplicate both items first because I don’t want to lose them.

Thanks for your help!

Cant control it, all rng.

You can farm a better peak, if you have 2lp, it has essentially a 50% chance to get +3 healing hands. at 3lp its 75%.

And you also cant creation uniques, only non unique/set items, so rares and exalted basically.

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No, the affixes chosen are completely rng. You can use a rune of creation on the exalted item but I don’t know if it would work on the uniqie, I assume not since the cost of that rune is to reduce fp to zero and uniques have 0 fp to begin with.

You should try & craft the exalted to have some more useful affixes, the dodge isn’t great.

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I would try Glyph of Despair the %Mana and glyph of chaos the Dodge.
You very likely can get this item into a better state before even attempting.
When FP is running really low you can still use Rune of Creation. (but only on the exalted item)

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I only know from my personall experience most of time it will move purple stat on legendary with lp from purple item than anything else.