Continuous Loading on when attempting to go to an echo

What is happening is, you select certain Echos and when it goes to transfer your character to that echo, it will just continuously sit there until you time out. You can not get off the Loading echo screen until you close the game via the task manager or alt+f4.

Play as a summons necro…Happened today as well, won’t transfer character from the world to the echo and keeps the screen on the loading echo until you alt+f4

Same issue. On average each 3rd echo is stuck on loading endlessly (10+ minutes at least). It doesn’t seem to be dependent on echo, since after a client restart the same echo is loaded fast.

Player.log (91.4 KB)
Player-prev.log (143.8 KB)

Changing locations during campaign became very slow with the patch too (10-15 seconds instead of 1s before the patch).

Just in case, the issue has been fixed for me after a new clean installation

i have the same problem with my shaman… some echos are working some are bugged :frowning:

very strange is that i have the same issue in the main story. i cant join some maps… and that means i cant finish a lot of quests and cant get my idol slots -.-

hope they fix this issue soon :sweat: :pray:

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