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"Content Creators" Can we please stop using "ON A BUDGET" phrase

Last Epoch has the chance to shine.
Stay away from the other Free to play mechanic mentality.

There should be no “On A Budget” in this game.

We are paying to play. No need for F2P whatsoever.


I believe the term ‘on a budget’ is referring to builds that require easy to obtain gear


On a budget also refers to in game resources or time. Budget builds can use more common rarities of gear, gear that is easier to get, easy to farm for, etc…

It’s not solely a F2P term.


That’s exactly right. I don’t use the term myself, but creators who do are just pointing out that the build can be made without lots of time/resource investment. It has nothing to do with real money.


I am genuinely curious.

What do you think that term means exactly?

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I’m crying, that’s the best post since long time, thanks OP. :joy:

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Question is… is that a mistake or a joke?

Oof. You missed by THAT much, OP.

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I need some of that you’re smoking bro :smile:


PTDR. Me too it seems to be heavy

Fine, i’ll start using cost-effective. Is that better for you? no? Fine! economical it is!

btw you look so stunning with 4 badges oof.

I’m asking EHG to fix the website bug =.=

wait whats the website bug?


Short answer: yes. Long version: also yes.

yeah lol saw jerle tell me on discord, I thought it was just a gracious move from sarno :smiley:
I mean we look so cool!