Consecrated ground damage

I’m trying to get how much dps as possible with cg,but with my setup i reach 10k on dummy(1k vs mob).I don’t get why with:100% incr dot-100% spell dmg-700% fire dmg-+239 adaptive spell dmg(weapon,warpath buff,increased healing buff) the dmg output isn’t that great.I’m doing something wrong or maybe cg need a little buff damagewise?

Hey there,
I’m currently also working on a Judgement CG character, but I’ve a bit different approach:

I use Scepter and Shield and the Paladin passives for spelldamage when using a Shield. In the shield you can also use “increased healing effectiveness”.

For Judgement you could unspec the duration nodes to the minimum 2 and put it into area for more convenience or into the bottom right branch, seating faith.

In the aura you have put many points into flame burst that is a hit and synergizes a bit better with hit builds with fast attack speed than with judgement and the other slow skills on your bar.

Javeling: I’d try the “sacred forge” node on the bottom that gives Judgement a more multiplier after a Javelin throw. On top the top branch with holy trail is really strong and since you already scale fire and DoT this will be at least on paar with CG in terms of damage and provide additional healing.I

I used smite, too until I realised that it doesn’t provide any synergies for my dots. Therefore I dropped it for Sigils Of Hope to further buff damage and healing effectiveness (also damage for CG). Don’t underestimate healing effectiveness and get it wherever you can as it provides flat damage for your CG.

Edit: There’s a “fire penetration” node in the aura tree, you have 1/2 points in. I’d suggest maxing it as pen also works similar to a “more” multiplier.

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Apart from mana on hit to allow you to use spenders more (even Sigils if you don’t mind not having a movement skill).

Yeah. I want to go full CG damage with any buff I can get. So currently I’m going without speccing into a movement skill and use Abyssal Decay fire conversion with all its buffs and debuffs for DoT. I’m just 60+ so the damage scaling isn’t really exploding now.

Volatile Reversal is also an option to buff damage even more. I might also try this and see what I can swap it in for.

I also still haven’t lvl 20 skills, so…

So i have respeced to holy trail and basically i have doubled my dps,now i’m trying sceptre + shield and the dps difference with a 2h staff isn’t that much.Thanks a lot for the good advices Raw!\m/

Yeah, you’re probably right. The flat damage is good with a staff. The shield is a more defensive variant because of the block and the healing stuff you can proc on block.

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Hey Buddy,
I’ve continued to level my char and tested some things. Maybe your interested:

I played with Abyssal Decay buffing my damage over time globally and debuffing enemies to gain increased DoT. Along I played Sigils Of Hope, buffing damage and healing effectiveness. Javelin was skilled into sacred forge (huge damage multi with max points in) and holy trail. Then Holy Aura and Judgement, of course.

Lacking a movement skill felt absolutely awfull, so I swapped Abyssal Decay for first Shield Rush and then Lunge. Shield Rush did’t provide anything usefull to the build (the beams don’t scale well with only damage over time). Lunge didn’t either, but overall had better utility effects (frailty, heal,…).

Most annoying was to keep 4 or even 5 Sigils. I only needed these during bossfight but it still is not feeling good.

Next step was, that I swapped Sigils Of Hope for Volatile Reversal. By taking the nodes top right and bottom left, this skill can proc Void Rifts and debuff enemies, gaining 90% increased damage for 4s. Since you can stack this proc if you hit enemies with both, the leaving rift and the arriving rift (teleport to / near the same spot), it’s 180% increased damage. This is why VR is so popular in many builds.

This also gave me the opportunity to spec into Judgements Pious Offering node that uses 100% of your current mana for Judgement and granting 2% more damage per 1 mana used (in my case currently around 300% more damage. This uses all your mana, but casting VR directly after it will instantly bring you to 100% mana again.

Recently I also swapped Lunge for Smite (yes, the same smite I threw out some time ago), again. I wanted to follow @Llama8’s comment and use smite as a movement skill. On top I grabbed Fissure (that also scale with fire damage over time) and maxing area and kill threshold, witch is very nice for bosses.

This again resulted in respeccing Javelin and swapping the holy trail for the battel standard, having additional damage per attunement (that im scaling anyways for the CG damage), armour and since Im using Smite: raining down Smite.

I’m very happy with that build. I don’t miss my holy trail damage, because my CG is melting everthing already. It’s also more similar to your original build, you postet first.

Here’s a link to a build planner. I’ve used your original planner and tweaked some stuff. It’s not how I’m running it exactly, more a mix of what I have currently and what I’d like to have, regarding items and passive.

Skills I have specced mostly as in the planner. Just some node are missing as I don’t have all the +X to Judgement currently (only +1 so far from relic, missing the shield).


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Thanks again,really appriciate the info share!\m/.What about the spirit of fire blessing?Isn’t the 25/50 fire shred chance better than the fire dmg?
Btw,i have tried sigil,but i really don’t like the mechanics,too clunky for me even with duration idols.
For the fiery dragon i have to drop my crit avoidance then,if not i will never proc right?
My build atm

Taking a break for this build for now,i’m trying to make a Vk reflect build^^

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Correct. If you are never crit then the proc from the boots can’t occur.

Good luck with that. Reflect is probably the most different thing in LE. % reflect is based on damage taken after mitigation so you want to take big hits then have a lot of recovery to not die. Flat reflect is only affected by “enemy takes more damage” effects (and possibly general damage modifiers but I could be wrong, it’s been a while), the number of hits you take and Attunement if you have the Thornshell shield. If you had a spamable physical spell (the Sentinel doesn’t) then you could use the Hazelroot scepter to stack Thornshields and get a load of flat reflect that way. A “pure” reflect build (using mainly reflect to do damage) would also feel bad against bosses due to the low scaling.

I’ll be interested to see if you can figure anything out.

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I don’t know really. Yes, the fire res shred is a more multiplier to your damage. I haven’t done the math, but it could propably be better than the increased damage. I just thought that as this isn’t really a fast hitting build, there’s not so much you can apply bunch of stacks fast and sustain them on the target. The increased damage is always there, instantly.

The boots are just a gimmick. I wouldn’t drop the CA completely. They already subtract a bit of your CA, so if you have around 50-70% with the boots on, it would be ok, I think.

The gear in the planner isn’t really balanced, though. Some health and armour might be better on boots.

Have fun trying reflect. Maybe you find something viable, although I don’t have high hopes.

Just as you try VK, there’s a similar build to the CG Judgment Pala, that I also like very much: Ravaging Aura (Void Cleave).

At level 80 i have come to this.Not on empowered yet but i feel i can do it.Tried the Vladmir chalice with some idols for reflect% but tbh i don’t see any difference,for now the flat amount given by the shield is enough to get ranged creeps gettin oneshotted and that’s the idea i was on.1.4k reflect but with another 100+ on armour i can reach 2k(found one with bad rolls and no luck with chaos glyphs).Good hp regen,almost 400,and decent defenses overall for now are enough to never drop under 1/3 of life pool.

Yeah, I feel like flat reflected damage is “better” (less worse?) as you can then build defences as usual and have a tanky character. % Reflect requires taking lots of damage and then leeching/regening/healing/etc it back.