Connectivity issues

This is just plain ridiculous, game seems fun but every couple of zone transfers i get hit with the dc, how am I supposed to progress ?
And the “suggestions” they give are just laughable, how about giving us some actual info on what needs to be modified, maybe add in a console for troubleshooting:

In the event of a disconnect from the Game server, please follow the steps below as troubleshooting options:

  • Using a VPN has proved helpful for many players. If you do not have the ability to purchase a VPN, Cloudflare Warp is a free VPN that has been tested by the community.

  • SG TCP Optimizer is a program that many players have also found helpful when experiencing these issues

  • Contacting your ISP may also be a useful option as it has been found many providers have a block on certain items.

  • Adjust your DNS settings

Same issue here, bought this game an hour ago, cant play after the first city. Always got DC. None of my other multiplayer games has this issue. Thinking about refound I guess…

Have you both tried using a different gateway? Some gateways might have a bit higher ping, but might work better.

Also, while it is not an excuse, they is always the option for offline play.

They are constantly trying to improve this and 1.0 will bring many improvements to network/connectivity things.

Same here - I’ve been playing consistently about a month and the game is great but connection issues happen regularly. My internet is fast and I have no issues with it (or any other games). I don’t mind DCs so much while I’m doing the short dungeons in monolith of fate but DC’ing in a dungeon is a bummer.

I hope they can resolve this, it would be a shame for such a good game to actually launch with such a huge issue. Hopefully 1.0 will fix this.

POE serv - Amsterdam, London, Frankfurt, Milan, Paris, Moscow.
LE - EU West…

You don’t have to be a genius to understand the problem.


I get what you’re saying, and I hope you’re right, but …
it ain’t that hard to spin up more servers, they have the funds and it’s a bad look right before launch, that combined with the “change your dns settings” advice doesn’t fill me with hope.

Try VPN there for free for one day, maybe it will help. I use it myself and it helps me.

Actually, “change your DNS settings” is one of the best pieces of advice they can give. If you are using the default settings that your service provider pre-configured, you are probably using their own DNS servers.

In my experience these are inevitably poor / unreliable and you are much better switching to one of the big public DNS providers (google, cloudflare, comodo, openDNS etc).

If it was general advice, sure.
Not if it doesn’t fix the issue, or tells me why it would fix the issue.