Connecting to server

Every time I try to connect, it says “connecting”. Then "lost connection! (red exclamation point). yoou lost connection to the game server. This has happened over and over and takes hours to resolve. Please help. Makes me go back to main menu, connect to play online and then try to log into character again.

Also disconnects me every time I try to party with a friend and zone into a different area. Automatically crashes me and sends me back to the account login screen.

To be more precise on whats happening during party play, we started leveling together. I invited him to party, he joined and teleported to my zone. Both of us were fresh characters. We clear the first zone, get to the town enterance and I zone in first (because we crashed before in party play, so I thought maybe I had to make the zone). Crashed my game, and then would not let me reconnect to any online character I had. Then it would not let me log in for hours at a time… the login issue also happens if i decide to swap characters and have to relog into the game or if i ever get disconnected. Really frustrating…

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I am also having the same problem. For me it’s a bit more random. I have been able to get in sometimes and other times I am having the same issue as you mentioned for 20-60 minutes. This occurs when I select an online character and hit “Enter Game”. I also live in the US East area. Could the server be full?

I wasn’t able to log on for 2 days with this same issue, but discovered for whatever reasons when signed into a VPN that is based in the US I can log on. Not sure if works for out of country but it 100% fixes the login issue for me…Really hurts performance though.

I would be very interested if this was anyone else fix as well.