"Connecting" overlay not removed

When I click on the “Enter game” button, a “connecting” overlay first appears, darkening the game’s UI, then replaced by a load screen. However, when the area loads, I end up with the overlay still present. I can move around, use hotkeys, even transition areas, but can’t use most of the game’s UI.
If I get a disconnection error with the overlay still present, I’m returned to the character selection screen , and the overlay is still there, making it impossible to click any buttons.

I managed to clear the overlay a few times by leaving EoT to the monolith area (can’t use waypoints as map clicks are blocked by the overlay) and then returning there. The overlay was removed right before the loading screen appeared (presumably upon connecting to the town server), but this is really cumbersome.

Log File

Update: the “leave town and return” thing was probably just a coincidence, it doesn’t seem to work with any level of consistency. The overlay disappears after several minutes and nothing I can do seems to reliably affect that. This means having to just wait in town for an indeterminate amount of time after each login, which is extremely frustrating.

This also started happening to me today. I forgot to turn on my VPN and got a LE-65 error, failed to connect. Shut the game down, started it back up with the VPN and now this happens on all my online characters.

Same problem with my characters, seems waiting in the town for couple minutes does the trick, yeah, bit frustrating :slight_smile:

This is happening to me now as well. Have to stand in town until connecting goes away.

Hello, same for me, it took about 3 min first time, 5 minutes 2nd, just a random time i guess, if anyone got a solution, please let us know…