Connecting Boss is OP

Can’t get past the 0.9.1 connecting boss. Click Enter Game, get Connecting message, wait a couple minutes, message goes away and back to Enter Game screen.


You’re probably stacking too many modifiers.

Also me too.

I thought Lagon was tough, he’s got nothing on this boss

So it’s not just me…good?

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Notice the MTX store works with out any problem, shocking

Same here too. Connecting after that … nothing

Same here too. Connecting after that … nothing

I can play when i make a new char. Strange.

Please help
Any guide out? Tried everything; lowering my graphics settings, uninstalling the WiFi and turning it off and back on again.

Do you think spending time outside might work?

Yep, just tried that myself. I even quit right after creating the character and was able to log right back in to the new character. Still can’t login with any of my old online characters. What’s up EHG!!!???

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Just follow this