Connected to the wrong server

I’m on NA east and I’m either getting connected to Asia or Australia


Same problem, I’m in EU but the game connects me to US, Asia or Australia with pings much higher than what I have in EU. I need a manual server override please… the algorithm is broken.

Not using VPN of course. Linux client.


Same problem, live in Brazil, connect to US central, never SA.


I am EU but always got connected to US East. What works for me is starting the game from the command line ( ~/.local/share/Steam/steamapps/common/Last\ Epoch/Last\ Epoch.x86_64) instead of through the steam library. Doing this I always get connected to EU West.

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Thanks Clouddrop, you’re a legend. Works for me.

Same here Brazil and send to central US.

Same here. Starting from the command line gets me on the correct server

How exactly are you launching it from command line? I’ve tested commands “steam -applaunch 899770” and “steam steam://rungameid/899770”, but both still put me in the wrong server.

EDIT nevermind I figured it out… Thanks for the tip!