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Congratulations on the successful KS..

powbam here. I cometh from the GD forums where, after reading mamba’s post in your KS announcement thread, here…

…and then deciding yesterday to throw in and give you guys a hand by pledging the Elder Supporter tier on your KS. On the GD forums I am a Praetorian (playtester) for Crate and sometimes villain, sometimes swell guy, and all the time troll-eater. Here I am a noob yet but hopefully all that shall change :wink:

By way of showing a lil extra support for you guys I also started a mini-awareness thread on the GD Steam forums as well. Feel free to stop in if you like and hopefully drum up some extra stretch goals in the little time left :wink:

Cheers, powbam

Hi there Powbam,

Thanks so much for creating the thread over there!

I’ll take a look at it in a few minutes and see how it’s going. :slight_smile:

Thanks for stopping by over there Sarno. As you can see I did manage to get at least some extra interest for you guys with the thread so far. Every little bit helps I suppose.

Agreed! We really appreciate it.

I tend not to spend a lot of time on the Steam forums, but I’ll try to keep an eye on that thread.

Heartful congratulations from me as well. I pledged 50 and I’m glad to see you guys get a chance to make this cool ARPG concept a reality. Looking forward to the beta :slight_smile: