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Congrats Justty on passing lvl 1000 in Arena

Unreal and awesome that a Sorcerer was the first to pass 1000 in 8.1!

If you see this, any tips on your build and how you did it?

If someone’s significantly higher than everybody else then there’s a good chance it’s not a legitimate run/character, especially when they’re not on the ladder.

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We need to get the servers going. Give us multiplayer.

That’s weird, it was showing him at 1011 earlier today. Why would it be removed?

Because it wasn’t a legitimate run.

You can edit your character/gear while the information is stored computer side. When the game goes online, this will no longer be the case and all existing characters will be offline only.

you didnt the 2634 wave xD “appear”

Is this true? I honestly find it hard to believe because since I have been doing a bit of research, there has been a few people getting banned for botting and other reasons. So I am wondering since I saw the post title if this person really did or did not. Just out of curiosity though.