Confusion regarding pet abilty & scaling

I am very confuse.
I am playing beastmaster build.

I just notice when I use ability of a pet, say wolf, the icon become howl, & scaling tag is spell etc instead of melee etc.

I am confuse, there are 2 different scaling, one for the abilty, one for the pet damage, and for the ability (like howl) or what.

Also its regular spell damage or must be minion spell damage.
Is there some guide how all the pet scaling works?

The ability is a buff. It grants the wolf and other allies (including other companions and minions) 20% attack and cast speed for a small duration. The ability only scales with attunement for mana efficiency and minion area of effect for a larger radius of the buff. It doesn’t deal any damage so minion spell damage won’t scale it.

Minion abilities that deal damage will only scale with minion spell damage, not regular spell damage.

So, just for clarity, I use wolves, bear, raptor, so far,

I should look mainly for minon damage, minion melee daymage to get damage scaling right?

Yes. Minion Physical Damage also works, unless you’ve taken the Frozen Fangs node in your wolf tree. Ice Bite won’t scale with Minion Physical damage.

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Got it, Thanks

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