Confusion on what stats matter most for torment/bleed warlock

I am doing a torment warlock with fissure, tons of bleeds and whatnot. Basically i cast fissure, then spirit plague and then spam chaos bolts for the most part. Bolts and fissure cast rip blood, and alot of other stuff for me. I get bleed stacks up real fast.

My question is what stats are most important for me? I understand damage over time, penetrations etc. But what about weapon? I Currently use alchemists ladle because it spams so many ailments on mobs so fast. It also has a good amount of more spell dmg because of that. Would i however get alot more dmg if i chose a weapon with alot of flat spell dmg? Or what is most effective for this build?

If you’re doing an ailment build then generally no, flat spell damage won’t do anything, however, most of the new curses (especially Torment) have the spell tag so scale with flat spell damage.

Generally you want cast speed (more Chaos Bolts = more stacks) & relevant damage type modifiers (phys for bleed, necrotic for Torment, spell for Torment, Chaos Bolts, Rip Blood, etc).