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Confusion about volcanic orb cold conversion

The is Rune of Winter in the passive tree

Increases your chance to freeze and converts lightning blast and volcanic orb to cold spells, changing their base damage type to cold and giving them a chance to freeze.

then there is a skill node which converts volcanic orb to cold also

Volcanic Orb is converted into Frozen Orb. Base fire damage is converted to cold for Frozen Orb and the skill effects it creates. Consequently this damage scales with increases to cold damage, but not with increases to fire damage.

The thing i’m confused about is that Frozen Orb specifically states that damage scale swith cold damage increased (and not fire damage), but Rune of Winter does not. This makes me think that even though you are converting to cold with Rune of Winter, it might still scale with increases to fire damage. Easy enough to check with a fire damage/cold damage weapon and checking the tooltip, if i trusted the tooltip to tell me the truth.

And i’m curious as to why the duplication of effect.

It doesn’t, it’s likely just that they missed adding the “scales iwth cold” text from the Rune of Winter node.

To give you different ways to do a thing.

ok. As I figured, just getting a second opinion :wink:

thx !