Confusion about Gear Progression

Currently level 60 - Acolyte/Lich

I keep expecting higher base level items (I.e. 50+) to be stronger than something similar such as a base 30 item. This doesn’t seem to be the case.

Do base stats on gear grow as their min required level grow also? Same for % based skills?

I feel that the crafting/progression in the game isn’t as intuitive as other arpg models I’ve played and I feel like I’m wasting resources or potential items gambling on things I shouldn’t be.



The only difference between low and high level gear is the explicit affix. say a chest armor lvl 10 has 15 armor. a chest armor at lvl 50 might have 120 armor
All of the implicit affixes are equivalent potential

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Thanks for quick response.

So there is no upper or lower bound increase on higher level implicit rolls or addition to the Number of potential affixes either?

If I got a legendary ring at level 5 and the same legendary ring at level 60, the level 60 ring could in fact be worse depending on the primary/explicit affix?

Does the chance to roll higher tier implicit affixes increase as you level perhaps?

This feels odd to me for some reason.

Uniques (Legendaries haven’t been implemented yet) are different, with ~5 exceptions (the claw/fang, beastking which you can get on 2 different axe bases & the Hammer of Lorent) uniques are set affixes with ranges.

All other item bases have a range for their implicits & the highest level bases are lvl 76. For each item slot there are usually a couple of different “types”, if you take one-handed axes, there are the Hand Axe, Battle Axe, Bronze Axe & Welryn Axe that all have increasing chance to bleed as an implicit. But most implicits on weapons/armour don’t fall into families, they just have specific implicits.

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Thanks for clarifying, I’ve seen orange and green drops, assumed orange was legendary, but unique is just a variant then.

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