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Confused over which stats to focus on

Hey all!

Something I’ve been getting more and more confused about the longer I play this game is which stats I should focus on for each build (I know that it’ll be different for each, obviously! :slight_smile: ).

I mean this more from an offensive standpoint, too.

For example, if I’m leveling up a Lich and using Reaper Form, Blood Rip, Transplant, Wandering Spirits, and Spirit Plague, what should my offensive focus be?

To be hyper specific with an example, let’s take Spirit Plague. It is most confusing of all as it tags Necro, Spell, DOT, curse, and Int – so if I’m trying to increase the damage this does, which one of those stats is going to be more important to seek? Is stacking increased/added necro damage better or worse than staking spell damage? What about Int?

I’m really trying to learn the mechanics a lot more than I’ve done in other games because I’m finding this game so much fun. It may just be the lack of documentation on an unfinalized game, but I can’t find a good source of information on this.

Thanks in advance to anyone who offers advice and explanations :slight_smile:


So I’m absolutely not sure what I’m going to say, so don’t take what I’m going to tell you to be absolute truth.
But when you have more than one tag like this, it means that each of those stats will increase your skill damage. So after which one to choose will depend on your other skills, and try to find a common statistic to increase all your spells.

Now you must also take in tale for the main statistics what it brings to your character, strength increases armor (in addition to spell tag strength) Attunement increases your mana efficiency (in addition to spell tag Attunement)
So it’s all a matter of making the most efficient choice.
After what these tags also mean is that if your fate scales for example on (necrotic, poison, intelligence) If you have maximized your necrotic damage, if you have a little poison damage lying around it is not lost .

Here is what I pence to know, still awaits other opinion. It may have given you a clue and expect a more certain answer. Being French I struggle with English so it is possible that I miss subtleties.


Generally, all % increased modifiers are added together then applied. So as long as %increased modifier A is appropriate/relevant to the damage a skill is doing, then it’s just as beneficial as % increased modifier B.

More specific affixes will have bigger numbers per tier, so you’d prefer those.

“More” modifiers (generally within the skill tree) are multiplicative & therefore more effective at increasing your damage (& you want more “more” modifiers, eg, 2x 50% more modifiers would be better than 1x 100% more modifier 'cause the 2x 50% are equivalent to a single 125% more modifier).

Taking Sprit Plague as your example, the necrotic, spell & DoT affixes all have the same values as each other on all items at all tiers so just go for whatever you can get the most of at the time. Since they’re added together before being applied, it doens’t matter how much of one you have compared to how much of the others.

Int will give 4% increased damage per point, and that 4% is equivalent to 4% increased spell/necrotic/DoT damage, unless you’re going for a ward build or minion build, people tend not to go out of their way to stack attributes (because you can usually get more benefit from a different affix).

The game guide is a decent starter, as is hovering over a passive/skill node/etc & holding Alt.

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Merci beaucoup, Arussa! Je suis Canadien, donc je parle français un petit peu, mais pas beaucoup!

Thanks to both you and Arussa!

I started with the game guide and hit the Wiki as well, but nothing was really helping at all. There is a lot of great info in the game guide, but still nothing (that I could see) that goes over the damage types and how they play into each other and a lot more, but I think it could use a lot of this explanation as well.

Again, a lot of what I’ve picked up already was by reading this and the tooltips, but nothing has explained it as well as you have (and Arussa, as well). So thanks to the both of you, I believe I have a much better understanding of things now. I think until this point I was getting stuck as to how to proceed because I wasn’t sure what I should be focusing on :slight_smile:

I’ll take a good look at all my skills again and go for more specific affixes (I believe necrotic and poison would be best for the current build I’m leveling).

Cheers to you both!

~ Al

As long as the affix affects/matches the skill tags it doesn’t really matter.

Unfortunately the wiki is somewhat out of date.

I usually look at my main skill to build around. I then look for other skills that have similar tags.

If you are using Spirit Plague you might wanna use other skills that scale with DoT, Necrotic, Int and Spelldamage.

Also it can be helpful to read through the skilltrees and look for conversions. For example you can turn Transplant from physical into necrotic damage so it will then scale with 3 similar tags to your Spirit Plague. Same for RIP Blood.

The only difference then is the DoT tag. You could completely ignore it and just build spell and necrotic, or search for other DoT skills.

The best is to stick with 2-3 tags you mainly focus on.

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Yes clearly, no need to disperse too much, personally I generally concentrate on my equipment to have only one common tag. And in my talent tree I obviously take if my points allow me any multiplicative possible, and my main characteristic.

After obviously moderated according to the builds.

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Thank you!

This is also extremely helpful :slight_smile:

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long story short, follow a leveling and/or build guide, follow as close as possible, don’t shortcut defense for offense (you’ll hate yourself later). after that, you’ll understand WHY builds are done the way they are. It’s my advice, do what you enjoy

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I propose an alternate solution. Bash your head against a brick wall and lose 12 HC chars before finding out how the game works.

Ah yes, keeping it old school:-) just pack 60% endurance as that’s the current broken Stat.

Why would you consider 60% endurance a broken stat? It’s just an additional layer of damage mitigation. If you don’t cap resistances (and have that 75% damage mitigation) your endurance wouldn’t help keeping you alive.

All your defenses only work if you add them together. There’s not a single defensive mechanic that is so far superior that you can focus on it solely.

The most important stat for endgame imho is “Critical Strike Avoidance” or its 2h counterpart “Less Damage Taken On Critical Strikes”. Without that you be blown out of your boots from time to time.

I’d think enough ward probably would especially if you’re generating enough to “regen” from big hits. That’s not to say that resists wouldn’t make it more effective.

This^ ward actually functions a bit like exponential endurance. 5000 stable ward will last you much longer than 5000hp regardless of endurance because once you drop sub 2000 the auto regeneration is pretty insane.

Which is why I spend so so so so long trying to farm a second exsanguinous T_T