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Confused about upheaval totem and weapon prefix/suffixes

I need clarification on how upheaval totem interacts with the user’s weapon.

Once upheaval has been converted to a totem, which stats on the weapon carry over to the totem? Added melee damage i’m pretty sure carries over, but what about melee % crit chance and things like slow on hit.

Do these stats now need to be minion specific or does the entire weapon carry unto the totems? Soem clarity would be appreciated, thanks.

Not sure as I have close to zero totem build experience… but I did find this:


It shows the scaling tags that would apply - might answer your question. Otherwise the Totem experts may need to chip in… Discord may be a quick way to get an answer too…

I have a build with this setup. I will review it later today when I have time and let you know the results.


  • Scaling tags of Strength and Attunement DO count.

  • Only added Totem damage will carry over.

  • If it does ailments they WILL apply. (Slow is an ailment if on the weapon as a suffix or from the tree) I use mine to apply armor shred and poison stacks.

  • With sufficient Crit % it WILL Crit

  • With the three-totem charges setup, they can shotgun the same target.

Hope that helps answer some of the questions

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