Confused about terms for minion crit chance

Ok I have 3 different minions, each with a node that affects crit chance. Each with different wording.

Mages “Base crit chance +15%”
Wraiths “Critical strike chance +6%”
Skeletons “increase crit chance +30%”

Are these jus different wordings for the same effect? If not what do they mean? Does “base crit chance” mean it is multiplicative with other + crit chance modifiers? Ie increase the base 5% crit chance by x% then multiply that amount by the other +crit chance modifiers?

What exactly is the difference between “Increased crit chance +x” and “Critical strike chance +x?”

The first two are flat increases to the base crit chance of 5%. Even though the wording is a bit different they do exactly the same, except mages get 15 flat and wraiths get 6 flat. Sometimes the wording may be a bit wonky as in this example, but the keyword %INCREASED is always a give away. If you see % INCREASED then its always a %increase to the base. If it doesn’t say %INCREASED its always +base.

Following this rule the % INCREASED for skeletons is actually a 30% increase to their base crit chance and for mages and wraiths its +15 and +6 flat respectively.

So if you have +15% base crit chance and say 100% INCREASED crit chance from passives or gear the mages would do (5+15)*(100+100)/100 = 40%

If you have +2% base crit and 200% increased from passives/gear you’d have (5+2)*(100+200)/100 = 21%

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