[Confirmed] Being stunned seems to prevent re-casts from Abyssal Echoes; Also AE stops doing damage after X stacks

While I was playing my Abyssal Echoes build, I felt as though my re-casts would randomly stop, and on testing things out, it seemed to happen as a result of me getting stunned. However, it is very hard to intentionally recreate this possible bug. It may have just been my imagination, but it really just seemed to stop recasting. If you could confirm/test this, it would be much appreciated!

EDIT: Also, if you get AoE nodes on Abyssal Echoes, the AoE effect sinks into the floor around the character and you can only see it if it bounces off enemies.

EDIT 2: I confirmed that being stunned stops all recasts. I was not imagining it. Another thing that came up while I was testing is that enemies stop taking any damage from Abyssal Echoes after it stacks on them a certain amount. Can be tested on the training dummy.

EDIT 3: Confirmed the DoT stopping its damage after a certain amount of stacks against regular enemies. The damage then resumes once they fall beneath whatever stack amount that is.

Thanks for the reports!

Temporal Reaving is actually reducing the damage over time enemies take, this will be corrected in 0.7.7.

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