Comporium Internet Users Cannot Play Online

I’m blown away this is actually a thing in the first place, over 30 years of PC gaming and never seen anything like this before. The fact that it hasn’t even been acknowledged, let alone resolved, has me questioning the company behind this game. Every time there is a patch I think, “Surely, this is gonna be fixed now”. :frowning:

Unfortunately this isn’t something we have power over. It’s not our servers blocking your connection, it’s the ISP blocking connections to our servers. The only way for this to be resolved is for the ISP to allow-list our servers.

We have tried reaching out to a number of ISP’s regarding this, however we’re not a large enough entity for most of them to even be willing to talk to us - Each has advised us that their customers would need to reach out to them about it.

We would love to be able to globally resolve this and have Last Epoch easily available to everyone without ISP politics, but we don’t have that kind of pull (at least not yet). The only real way to try to get this resolved is to have your ISP allow connections to our servers.

I spoke with Comporium and they are looking further to see if there are any IP subnet blocks that would somehow stop traffic from reaching LE servers. I don’t think they are going to find any as I can traceroute directly to those IPs with no problem.

They did give me a list of known blocked TCP and UDP ports which don’t contain any of the ports used by LE.

TCP and UDP ports

Comporium Internet Technical Support

1:53 PM (0 minutes ago)

to me

Below is the blocked TCP and UDP ports that are being blocked as of right now. Let me know if you have any more questions or concerns.

UDP Ports: 25, 135, 445, 139, 8998, 990, 991, 992, 993, 994, 995, 996, 997, 998, 999, 137 138, 3127

TCP Ports: 25, 135, 445, 139, 593, 3127, 5554, 9996, 9995


Customer Contact Center | Internet Tech Support

Now, I can give EHG my IP address or even my subnet to do a small of work confirming the same on their end. A blanket denial with no research means nothing and is just EHG avoiding the issue.


I’d be happy to reach out to the ISP to request support on this, but would need your guidance on what to ask for. What do you think is getting blocked by the ISP?

Thank you for actually responding and trying to give us any kind of information in regards to this issue. I already have a static IP address setup with this ISP. If you are able to provide what servers need to be added to the allow list, I can test this theory out.

Putting that to the side for a minute, how is it that Last Epoch is the only game in the history of games that this ISP just happens to be blocking? That seems oddly specific, I mean literally no other game, including significantly smaller ones have ever had this issue. So what weird stuff are you guys doing that has automatically made them block you? Maybe I’m wrong, if so someone please name another game you can’t play in comporium because they are blocking the servers? Make no sense at all

Hate to say it, but I think you’re right. This issue alone throws up so many red flags, empty comments shifting blame with no information to back the claim. Even though we’re willing to help solve the issue, EHG gives us nothing of substance to even attempt to fix. Either EHG doesn’t know or doesn’t care… Yet doesn’t have the courage to let us know which one it is.

Just found this copy and paste message on reddit from 11 months ago so it’s nice to know you’re pumping the same empty statement and almost a year later still not actually providing any real information to help people resolve the issue that you claim is our problem to fix. yikes! How embarrassing for you

I’m happy to hear you don’t encounter this with other games at least! It’s never fun to be completely shut out of gaming. However, we’re not the only game this happens to, it’s actually a fairly common thing - it’s just different ISP’s with different games. Bigger game companies often have the clout to force ISP’s to unblock them, but we unfortunately don’t. Typically what happens is some sort of unfavorable service uses a set of IP’s, the ISP blocks them, then they just never remove those blocks when those IP groups get reassigned.

I also want to clarify: The message you found on reddit, was posted within minutes of the post I made above, because I wanted to provide a response to both users on the Forums here, and Users on Reddit with the same reports. I apologize if it felt like I wasn’t personally writing a response, and it was some sort of template.

As far as information backing up what we’re saying: as many users have reported with this, a VPN works. If a VPN works, it’s not our servers - because it’s the same servers, connecting through a different route. It means something on the default route, your ISP, is stopping communication. If no VPN works, than it may be something else going on.

While this is an issue with ISP’s, it doesn’t mean we want to just ignore it however. There’s some potential solutions we’re looking into to, not circumvent ISP blocks, but provide with routes around blocks that weren’t aimed at us intentionally. Unfortunately none of these solutions are little systems we can add on, and require quite significant infrastructure work to implement, so won’t be available in the short term. The quicker solution, available now, is for the ISP to unblock our IP Groups. We do not know what part of the route your ISP has blocked, only they would know that. in your player.log file, you should be able to find specific IP’s it failed to connect to, to provide to your ISP as an example. The IP’s are dynamic however, so it won’t be the same IP every time. I fully get constantly getting kicked back and forth, when we tried to contact a couple ISP’s with this issue, we were even told to talk to the game company. Unfortunately, like what they have blocked, there’s nothing we can do about how they handle unblock requests.

VPNs don’t work since Microsoft broke them with their last windows update, so there’s that.
You keep saying bigger companies don’t have this issue, but I know smaller companies that have never had an issue like this so that’s confusing. I can’t stress enough that in 30+ years on being on the east coast and playing no name indie games… this has never been an issue, ever in the history of gaming until I tried to play Last Epoch. Just seems odd it’s only one specific game in the history of gaming, and even though it’s been an issue for 11+ months there’s an underwhelming amount of information from the dev. It wouldn’t hurt so bad if it didn’t seem like such a cop out. If your IP is a group than even if it’s random you should be able to provide a list of the group of ips that I can provide to the ISP.

Meanwhile Comporium claims to have never heard of such an issue and echoed my confusion on the matter as they too have never heard of such a thing prior to Last Epoch. Last time I was on the phone they were even asking for contact information for EHG to try and start a dialog because they don’t have a clue what you’re asking them to do.

Surely there is a list of servers that need to be allowed for people who use things like raspberry Pi and Pihole to keep the game features from being blocked. Even that list would be something for us to work with. There are people on this post that want to help you help us, but we can’t without the right information.

The player.log file is only going to help for the servers I have already tried to connect to, it won’t cover them all and if it’s random then next time I try there’s no guarantee it will connect to one of the previous servers. so that’s not going to help, almost feels like I was directed to run in circles for now reason. We need the list please. They may be randomly connected to, but there’s no way they’re random to you the devs.

So y’all still don’t care about getting our input to try to fix this issue? Even offering network traces, logs, info from folks on this thread who used to work for Comporium Support offering help, etc. Wish I hadn’t wasted my money and hours of troubleshooting time.

I’ve worked with Comporium network engineers for decades as both a consumer and a professional. They do extremely minimal blocking. I can confirm that what dump_cakes posted upthread is pretty much the extent of what they block.

Disappointed in this response but I have a giant backlog of other games to put my time toward.

I agree, unbelievable disappointment.

Based on that information they’re not even blocking servers (generally speaking), they are just blocking ports (which makes sense). It doesn’t seem like they would block an actual server unless they had a reason to, not just “willy nilly” block servers for no reason. Feels like we’re being bamboozled

“However, we’re not the only game this happens to, it’s actually a fairly common thing”

Please name another game that comporium has EVER had another issue like this, my brain will explode if there is a legit second game that can be named.

Has anyone tried playing the new patch without a VPN? I just got in…

I just tried it myself and it does appear to be working now. On one hand I’m thrilled, but I’m dumbfounded as to why the devs decided to dance around the issue, put us on quests because they claimed it was on the ISP which would ultimately have been for nothing, only to quietly fix it and offer no explanation of why it was an issue and what they did to fix it. Seems like a dramatic amount of deception for no reason at all.

Shout out to EHG for finally getting Comporium to unblock their servers :rofl:

funny i am getting the exact issues you’re describing but i am on spectrum in SETX i am wondering if my route is going thru houston and that is what is causing my issues

I doubt it’s the same issue, only because my brother has been playing on spectrum since February

so its the houston hop thats killing me i had to get a VPN and tell it to go thru Dallas and the issue resolved itself. Houston is down right now due to power outages from the hurricane