Complex filter creation

It would be fantastic if I could reference OTHER filters in my current filter.

So line one might be something like (Use filter: Basic)
line two might be something like (Use filter: Rogue)
line three might be something like (Use filter: Basic idols)
followed by other normal filter lines.

The filters would work exactly as they do now, as soon as they find a valid rule they can stop the regressive search and move on to the next item.

This way people can create some generic filters and not have to redo them every single character. or as they get higher level.

76 lines sounds like a lot. but I tried to create a complex loot filter and quickly ran out of slots


Could you post the filter that you ran out of slots in? I’d love to take a look and see how compact it could get, if it could be compacted at all.

What were you trying to accomplish with the filter? Was it a filter set to bring your character from level 1 all the way to empowered monoliths sorting out 99% of loot? Was it a filter just trying to incorporate several things into one?

Edit: The only thing I’d like to be added to the current loot filter system is a way to filter by item implicit rolls, i.e. filtering out lower percentage implicits on items, so you’d only see well rolled implicits AND the stats you want, etc.

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Would like to add a question here if I may :sunglasses::

Why do you need a new filter line for each recolor in the filter?

Couldn’t you set a filter line “normally” and then change the color directly in it?

This would free up a few more filter lines. :+1:

I’d also suggest looking at [0.8.5f] Heavy'z Casual Loot Filters for all Classes v2.8 which was made by an very active community member. You can likely get some ideas from what he’s done there.

You don’t have to create a new loot filter every single character, you’ll just likely need to import one that you need, that you can then modify to support that character’s needs. Not every sorcerer is a fireball casting sorcerer, but they are still sorcerer’s, so they’ll have things in common.

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You can use recolors in substitution of shows if you prefer. For example, my filters generally hide all items, recolor items I want with affixes I want (never stating to show those items), recoloring unique/set/exalted items to be the same color (never stating to show these either), then recoloring items where I may only need one mod, like build enabling modifiers (usually idols, sometimes other things like mana gained on smite use for hammerdin). Not having to state “Show” and “Recolor” really shortens the filter lines.

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I started going through and adding hide rules for combinations of idols / gear i wanted to filter out. This adds up quick as you see an item and your like i don’t liek those stats and dont’; want to ever see tht combo again. I deleted the filter after i realized my efforts where in vein currently.

yes but I don’t know all the things i want to show.
Its easier to see the things i don’t want and add those.

I see an idol, it has dodge and void damage. i don’t ever want to see this combo again. so i make a rule with the two affixes and then set to hide. now i never see it again. but each one of these rules take a filter spot.

If i could have one filter for just unwanted idols across all character I play. Then another for all the affixes i want to show for breaking down for all the toons i play (maybe one of my toons wants +tornado while im playing a paladin). Then another i can load in when that is for uniques i don’t want to see anymore.

Hopefully you get the idea. i would really like to be more specific and organized in my loot filters.

Alternatively, it would probably help you if EHG would simply remove the filter line limitation, right?

So you actually can do that, though I see why you want to be able to reference other filters recursively. Also if you say to hide either of those stats, you hide the combo, so you only need one line to hide any idols you wish to never see again in that instance.

What I recommend is hiding all items and only showing things you actually want to see per character, then also showing things that are build enabling for builds you aren’t playing at the time. The recolor function is great for this. For example, in my filters I recolor items I want for the build I’m playing to teal (the default idol color), items that have one build enabling stat on them red, unique/set/exalted items green, and natural t20 items that aren’t exalted yellow. I’m also very strict on my filtering so only items with a certain number of rolls I like show up in the first place, and that number of rolls is entirely dependent on my current gear, and not only do I change the number of rolls required, but also the tier of those rolls.

Even if they did it would give much easier organization to the filtering process if you could have filters point to other filters.

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