Compilation of 1.1 Feedback So Far

New Feedback:

  • Are arena echoes in need of a rework? Already the slowest echo, but now with Chests, Exile Mages, and Nemeses, they are also the ones with the least opportunity for reward because those events cannot spawn in them.
  • The changes to blessings and monolith stability for alts is great. Can we get something similar for Dungeons and Arena? I don’t like having to go through the lower levels of all of them on each character, especially when my character is already capable of completing the higher level ones.
  • If you switch to an alt character, the forgotten knights are inaccessible, presumably until you kill a harbinger, but I don’t have the quest and I’m guessing that I need to kill the next corruption level of harbinger in the quest sequence to unlock it.
  • With all the mono events, it would be nice if we got some indicator of whether or not there were any in the echo so we know its worthwhile to keep exploring.
  • Add an option to show more/all of my active buffs. It seems really arbitrary what shows or not and I’d really like to know when some temporary buffs fall off.
  • For offline, the game should also pause while in the settings menu.
    Returning Feedback:
  • I am once again asking for shards to auto-pickup. Please. Reduce needless button presses where it doesn’t diminish the enjoyment of the game. I cannot imagine whatever benefit is gained by keeping them needing to be picked up outweighs the downsides of adding more strain on your players’ hands in a genre that already encourages a lot of repetitive actions.
  • CoF still could use some polishing or even a rework.
    o Lenses shouldn’t be items. We should be able to unlock them once then just add them to the telescopes through a menu. We could already move the ones we have from character to character, it’s just a pain. There’s virtually no difference in gameplay, just a QoL feature to avoid encouraging players to do the less fun behavior.
    o While I like the idea of prophecies encouraging you to go do a variety of things, it seems like in practice this just isn’t worth it. It can take a really long time to go out of your way to do some of them and they don’t necessarily give better rewards. And rather than waste your time doing those and possibly doing content that’s less rewarding, you could just farm more favor with your preferred content to pay for the extra rerolls you need to do to avoid the stuff you don’t want to do. I don’t really know exactly what to do about this, but the system as it stands feels bad.
    o It’d be nice to have more specific rewards, especially ones that can scale up based on the difficulty of the quest. Like for example, getting rewards that are on higher level bases, or rewards with specific with at least one specific modifier. Etc. Just some ideas.
  • Respecing is a pain. You must manually click and confirm each passive point, and since you can’t take earlier passives out if they’re needed for later ones, you have to click a lot more to undo all of the later passives just to change around a few earlier points. Give us some way to quickly make all the changes we want and then save the results.
  • When removing +levels from a skill, please only remove the points that were added as a result of the +level effect. It’s a pain having to relevel a bit just to get back points that the game randomly decided to remove, especially if they’re ones that are more critical to the build. Also, if I swap one +levels item for another with the same amount, the game shouldn’t de-allocate the points at all.
  • Please show the calculated crit chance for a given skill. I don’t know what the point of showing my general crit chance is when it’s going to be different depending on what nodes are in a skill. I need to know if I have enough crit for THIS skill. Not some arbitrary number that feeds into a calculation.

I had raised this question and I believe the answer from discord is, you need to defeat a level 90 mono boss to unlock harbingers on your Alt characters. This also unlocks empowered Monos so it is good for second/third characters within cycle as they get to skip 2 lvl90 Monos.
However, it kinda sucks for my multiple lvl 100 chars in Legacy who are well in 200-300 corruption as they need to go back and do a redundant lvl 90 boss to unlock Harbinger content. I wish they will change this (maybe make it any lvl 90/100 area boss)


Yes, they are either in need of removal or in need to be a pure optional choice to even pop up through some system.

No? That’s the point of a fog of war? To explore?
You decide if you wanna explore yourself, it doesn’t need handholding there.

You could even go along and cheese the system by loading in and out of the specific monolith, resetting it over and over just to spawn the special events right beside you and leave again after.

Agreed, there is no need for them to be itemized. Switching them out simply should be done in the Prophecy menu and cost per change.

There was a big discussion about this a while ago.
The outcome is that basically the current system is a safety measure to ensure there’s no shenanigans happening with them… the issue is that they’re supposed to be highlighted when removed… which they sometimes don’t do. I’ve never seen that proclaimed mechanic which seemingly is in the game.

The whole tooltip system and calculation is a mess, it needs a vastly extended version taking into consideration a lot more circumstantial stuff as well as include the nodes properly.

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This is a point I could go either way on. I can definitely see the argument for wanting to leave it up to exploration. For me though, that’s just not what I come to these games for. I like exploration in other games, but when I’m running through the same map for the 100th time, I’m not really anticipating what mysteries lie around the next corner. It’s monsters and loot. It’s always monsters and loot. Randomly distributed, because that’s what these games are. The way these games are played, we try to be as efficient as possible. So how often is it worth it to keep exploring after the objective on the off chance one or more of these events spawned in a place you didn’t go to yet? I’d feel a lot better about spending my time looking around if I at least knew that somewhere there was something I missed even if I don’t know where it is.

As for the mono loading cheese, idk. That definitely would need to be sorted out, but isn’t there kind of already a solution to this? If you fail a mono by either dying or leaving, while you can go back in, you don’t get the mono reward for completing it. So couldn’t they just do the same thing with mono events? If you load into a mono you’ve already forfeited the reward for, no mono events spawn. Just one possible solution.

That is only for dying, not leaving. You can leave whenever you want and return however many times you want.

Not by leaving, that’s a personal choice.
Also the reload does change enemy types to another random set, hence another random situation. didn’t fail, you opted out of the reward for the time being.

So this cheese is something which can be used to acquire for example experimental items quicker then otherwise. It’s boring, it’s not meant to be, it’s there and benign.

Sure they could do it… but re-playing a barebones - and ever more becoming so the more content gets added to them - mono without anything inside as punishment for loosing the reward at the end? Well, then we have the issue of the arena nodes all over again, not valuing your time by being vastly underperforming in terms of rewards. It’s double-dipping into the punishment and that’s generally bad.

Oh. I didn’t realize that’s how that worked.

Yeah it doesn’t sound like an elegant solution. I just figure there must be some way to avoid people cheesing stuff if they wanted to.

Agreed, but often the downsides of avoiding the abuse of game mechanics isn’t worth the effort. It’s not a major issue currently at least. Might become more so in the future when action is warranted but for now… a simple ‘eh’ there :stuck_out_tongue:

How? Whenever I tried leaving a monolith, the portal back didn’t appear, so I thought I could only leave once.

You reset it without loosing the reward at the end.

If you die the reward is lost though.

Either way you have to re-play the whole monolith from scratch, which also causes the cheese of farming harbingers/exiled mages so easily possible.

Ah. I was hoping for a way to leave that would allow us to return to the same instance of the monolith we had just left. So it would be possible to return to the End of Times, empty the inventory and return to get more items that had already dropped.

That would require instanced zones, which we already know doesn’t happen due to performance. Maybe in the future it might be changed to that, but for now you just leave the echo and then go to the monolith and reenter the same one again, with a new layout and mob types.
You can even use it to try to find mages (and possibly nemesis) close to the entrance, though that is boring.
But you can definitely use that to change mob types and even objectives. Don’t want to deal with matron patrols? Leave and go back in for another objective. Is it a map filled with rare mobs and sparsely populated? Same thing.

Agree with pretty much all of this.


For me there are just three important things
1:Evade is the best new mechanic I never knew I needed until I got it, it is so useful during boss fights and actually makes avoiding attacks fun

2:I love that loot filers now let me choose 2 affix lists, which opens a lot of useful things I can do with it, it is especially useful late game when I need very specific prefixes on gear in addition to pretty much any defence suffix

3:I am STILL waiting on drop sounds for loot filter

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