Competition of the cursed without luck

I’m coming off my tenth battle with Jura T4 to try to add lvl 2 Frost Claw on my LP(1) Twisted Heart. If this gives a 25% chance of success per attempt, then the chance of not succeeding at all is ((0.75^10)*100)%, that is, 5.6%. In other words, it had a 94.4% chance of success, but it failed. :rage:

So I’m pissed, and I wanted to collect people who also had bad luck in this game so I wouldn’t feel cursed alone :smiling_face_with_tear:. Let’s join forces to curse the Devs!

Update: attempt 12 and counting. Hello devs? WTF?

While it sucks, improbable is not impossible.

Failing 12 times in a row on a LP1 item is a 3.1% chance. That just means that every 100 people trying, 3 will have that happening to them. If you consider a total of 20k people playing now, that means it will most likely happen to 600 people. With a little over 6k people at launch peak.

Likewise, getting 3 LP1 slams in a row would be 1.5% chance, which means that it would have happened to 300 and 3k people respectively.

It sucks when it happens to you, but it’s not a dev issue, it’s just how odds work.

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