Comparing second ring on 1.0?

I am curious since this question is asked quite a bit for a couple years now. Will we be able to compare our second ring on 1.0? If its already in the game currently, how to do it as I haven’t done it myself.


It’s not. You cannot compare 2h with 1h+oh also. Sad.

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Deng, I haven’t tried yet. But I was hoping this would be added in 1.0

Well never played before 1.0 but for me it’s really strange they didn’t implement it. Best would be to have both rings compared at the same time but key modifier would be fine too.

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Yeah, there could be a way to compare it by hold a trigger or button or something

You can still swap second for first when you go to compare, it doesnt matter wich slot ring use. But about this improvement we should wait after bug fix patches etc.

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UI is broken right now. Check my video, as you can see moving mouse over items, skill bar, comparing makes FPS go down by a lot (30-40 FPS in my case). This is rly bad, please lets make them notice this. @EHG_Foton @EHG_Kain

Try it youself, you will be shocked.

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Just seen a livestream last night with Aaron Action Rpg and Mike from EHG and he read my question about comparing the second ring. He that the feature didn’t make it in 1.0 unfortunately, but they know about it since it’s asked quite frequently.


That just looks like an optimization thing. Maybe it’s updating some UI elements every frame and pulling data for the UI and that’s causing it to drop in fps.

I have a feeling that the foundational systems of the game are not well made. There are bugs and issues that have existed for 3 years now. And the frame rate is heavily CPU bottlenecked and way lower than it should be running at in Unity, which is probably the result of unoptimized spaghetti code. This also makes sense, as they started this as a passion project with lacking experience. Adding the functionality and logic to compare with 2nd slot should be like 10 minute work, but it might not be if everything is a complete mess in those scripts from the early days.


Yeah that could be possible, hard to say without actually seeing the code but it would make sense at least.

i noticed this.

i have perfect performances everywhere BUT if i mouseover loot while moving i notice the hiccups. this effect is twice as noticeable with auto compare on.

it does not do it for potions or gold, just loot.

not gamebreaking but it drives me crazy.

I think this hits the nail on the head on all the problems we’re seeing with the API, UI and graphical issues.

They really need to start rewriting from the top now bc it isn’t going to get better in the future.


you’ve never been able to do this

I’m sure it’s something on their list of stuff they’d like to get to, but probably pretty low priority

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Well, it shouldnt be low priority. Its a rudimentary inventory feature that can be finished in no time. It goes like this: 1. assign a new input. 2. handle the switch between slot1 and slot2 when the item is raycasted and button pressed and calling the already existing show item card method with a different argument. its a stretch to say it takes 10 minutes, so there must be some sort of issue somewhere.

Edit: trimmed down to a more precise 2 step

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this sort of performance drop just for an item card is way worse than something being called every frame. I’m dropping ~30% of my frames myself when I compare items. You can instantiate hundreds if not thousands of new objects and see A LOT less of a performance hit than this. Its not a leak though and it seems things are cleaned up after because the frame rate goes back up, and thats probably why its a low priority. Still shocking in a 1.0 release.

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I don’t know about performance drop, but there’s one thing that annoys me so much. When you’re clicking things in inventory or stash (or whatever UI system), the character starts moving as if you clicked on the ground to move.

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Yes this is annoying as well, on controller it could be avoided but it feels like I should use the left thumbstick to move the cursor and not the right but end up moving my character instead lol.