Comparing Rings and Dual Wielding Weapons

Need a way to compare pairs of items. It appears this was suggested a long time ago (years) and every time the topic comes back up. People just say it’s on the todo list. So I figure I’d bring it up again. The easiest way to do this would be to just make it compare both by default. However, I understand that it might be better to have a toggle for people who don’t want it to be behave like that. Or literally just make it so a modifier key does it.

I know it’s a small thing but small inconveniences add up for people.


Agree! Modifier would be great!

Yup, still waiting on this after years and years. Hopefully they add it soon - after they deal with the current issues, anyway.

So just wanted to reply to this in hopes that it would keep it alive. Seems like a small thing since all other games are able to do the compare with each ring, and offhand weapon.

Agreed, I would love to see this fixed.

This is one of the best feature add’s I can think of.
The amount of time wasted on switch rings / off-hand swords etc. for comparison is a bit of a burden and oversight I feel.
Would love to even just have a “CTRL + SHIFT= Compare off-hand / alternate ring” to make life easier and keep us more engaged in the game than the UI switching :slight_smile: