Comparing items

When I hover over an unequipped item in inventory it shows me a window, for example in RED it says -22 Armor and then when I hover over the equipped item it says the exact same thing and when I hover over any other equipped item it says the exact same thing. Only pressing the Ctrl key ‘fixes’ this momentarily, until I go to another item and do comparisons. This is very confusing, is this by design where you just MUST press the Ctrl key? It’s just weird that it actually brings up the compared to item’s window but it has the stats of the other item.

I think this is related to a previous (now fixed) issue where if you tried to look at an item for a slot that wasn’t occupied, it would try comparing (if you had auto compare on) it to whatever the last item you compared with.

From what I can tell, what’s happening is that whenever you “compare” an item, the stat chang portion of the UI gets drawn up and saved. It doesn’t get cleared when you move off of it, so if you hover over another item while the stat change UI gets drawn (as is the case when you hover over an equipped item /w auto compare on) it just redraws the same stat changes, because nothing is actually being compared.

Solution would probably be for the devs to make it not draw the Stat Change UI when inspecting an already equipped item.

My workaround is to just untick the Auto Compare box in settings forcing me to use the Ctrl key to compare.

Thanks for the reply!

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