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Compared to Grim dawn or D3

Just discovered this game! Very interested! For those who have played GD or D3…how does this one compare? And…recommend buying direct or wait for Steam in a few day? Thanks for the tips! Kinda excited!

Hi. Well this game is alfa, now a few days from becoming beta, so a comparation would be… incoherent :slight_smile:

That said, I only played D3 demo for about 10 mins. GD I played far more. Others I played even more.

This game’s not any of them and thats really a good thing.

Nor the graphics nor the lack of content and optimization (so far), but I really like the feeling of it and think it can become a really good game in its genre.

If you want to show support to this game, then go ahead. I did.

See ya soon or later :slight_smile:

Thanks for your input! Interesting comment that it’s nothing like the big 3…You have piqued my interest further…

It takes a bit from all the popular arpg’s. It’s its own game, but if I had to say which game its most like it be Grimm Dawn.

If you like arpg games like Diablo…etc you’ll like Last Epoch.

Thanks! I took the plunge…enjoying it so far…

So it was a “see you soon” :slight_smile:
Good to know you’re liking it!

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