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Compare Items QoL

It’d be nice if mousing over an item or using the compare items feature would show me the effect on my hotbar spells’ DPS somehow. Currently, you have to equip it and hit S, which closes all the other windows. It’s a PITA.

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Or you could just equip it & hover your mouse over the skills on your skill bar.


That works. Still be nice if I didn’t have to equip it first.

How is the comparison engine supposed to know which skills, skill modifications, damage types and varieties, etc., to use you want to see as a point of comparison?
In the end you would have to see a window at least as big as the one under “C → Attack” or something like that.
→ This isn’t the dumbed down Diablo 3. :wink:

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I just want the DPS number you see in other places. I’m not sure why no one else seems to.

It’s not that others do not want this as well. Many have suggested it in the forums here/on the discord channel.

The problem is that its a large undertaking for something already exists with two extra player step. What skill(s) does it show when you hover over an item? Just the specialized ones? What about the unspecialized one’s you’re triggering one way or another? How does it fit into the item’s display? If it does fit into the item’s display, will that make hovering over an item create a very large box to hold skill information?

There’s a lot of problems with this request, and its not trivial to implement and test.

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I just want a screen that I can go to that when i insert an item, i can look at how it affects my spells, id also like to see how my nodes affect my spells too honestly. It just seems like at the moment, the character screen just doesn’t provide as much info as it should in regards to skills.

I know i’ve seen it asked for a bunch, I agree it is a rather large ask, but I don’t think its wrong to want this. I’m honestly surprised it wasn’t implemented way earlier.

Which one though? There’s 5 (potentially 6) skills you can use plus procs (like Icicle from the Reign of Winter Bow or Spark Charge from various Mage skills/passives) that can be affected by the gear you equip. If there were to be a “simple DPS number” on the bottom of the item if you hover over it, it’d require a fair bit of screen-space for all the potential skills & procs that could be affected.

I’m just saying that it’s not as trivial a thing as you may think.

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I’m sorry for being harsh but there’s a limit to lazyness.
Swapping two items then hovering over the skills is not a huge effort, and as Llama8 said, there are multiple skills and effects to change, so it would be difficult to build a summary that would list everything.
So we equip the items, we look at what we want to see, then we decide what to do.

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