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Please increase the base number of companions to 3 or move Ancient call to Beast master further up in the tree and have it give to 2 extra companions. As well please rework Savage bond the punishment for taking that passive is brutal (maybe 15/20% less damage) 50% is just nasty.

Thanks for reading.

Im currency face rolling with my minion based beast master. Heres a mid level video. It has all 4 companion nodes.

Will post a higher level one at higher waves shortly:)

To me it seems people are over reacting to beast master because they dont know how to make one.

The damage per companion is higher than ever. The armor penetration passive node is awesome. Overall I think they have the concept for beastmaster right. Just need to wait for active skills.

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Heres one at higher level - level 62 wave 220 to 230.

Nice but still it would be good that Savage Bond be adjusted can leave it at 50% but debuff goes away if we deal any damage as it would allows us to run Entangling roots as it has some nice buffs that help companions and let be at range.

You didnt even watch the video:P But i do agree about the entangling roots part to give more build diversity…but I think that theres nodes for entangling roots to count as a melee attack.

Wolves seem to go down pretty fast if you are not in there doing the as well bear and car seem a bit better but not by much.

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