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Companions Damage

Hi, I am new to LE and startet a Primalist / Beastmaster.
I have now 2 Wolves, Sabertooth and a Raptor as a Companion.
Do they have different Damage (min / max Damage) or do all Minions have all the same Damage and just different skills / passives?

Another Question is, what is the maximum of Companions?
For example can I get +1 Companion with a legendary, or a Set?

They all have different base damage but it’s around the high teens / 20s for their base attacks & somewhat higher for the companion ability.

Last Epoch Build Planner has the data you want, just hold alt over the companion skill.

There’s a unique helm that can give +1 max companion.

You can have up to six wolves with the legendary helmet, all the passives and the correct nodes in the skill tree.