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Companion Skills

Wolf, bear, raptor, scorpio and leo all have abilities after summon and they are consider spells, those abilities, their mana efficiency scales with attunement but their dmg also scales with attunement or just with minion stats??
We have 2 types of skills buffs like wolf and raptor and dmg like leo i assume buffs dont scale at all, if they give 50% dmg increase its just that cant scale. But dmg abilities like leo should scale with something, atleast since they are consider spells they should scale like that.

All the active skill component of all the different companions do scale with “minion stats” of their related stats, like for example the Scorpions “Venon Nova” is tagged as “Poison, Spell, Instant Cast and Attunement”

The Attunement is the only thing that give it benefits from player stats, since all the attributes are “Player Stats”.
Attunement does not scale any damage from those companion skills though, only the mana efficiany, as you already stated.

Stats like Spell Damage and Poison Damage need to be “Minion” stats to affect the “Poison Nova”.

The Buff Type skills from Wolf and Raptor do not scale with stats, but have respective nodes within their skill spec tree.
(Wolf has some nodes that affect “Howl” in the top/right part of it’s tree and the Raptor has nodes that affect “Rampage” in the Top/Right part of the tree too)

I though exactly that but i wanted to be sure, so for example Scorpion Poison Nova if i want to increase the Poison Damage i need Increased Minions Poison Damage in my build anything besides that wont help.

Correct, only Minion Poison Dmage, Minion Spell Damage and Global Minion Damage would help.

Ok i appreciate all the help <3

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